Glass and crystal, pliable materials

The glass and the crystal are synonymous with creativity, always favors the inspiration and the human imagination. Ductile materials with infinite potential and with multiple applications both industrial and domestic, glass and crystal are a product of widespread use and consumption. Inert materials entirely made from natural substances, transparent, compact, homogeneous, impermeable to liquids, gases, microorganisms and unalterable. Recycled indefinitely without losing any of their original properties, glass and crystal are definitely the natural and ecological material par excellence.


technology and knowledge for quality

ATON LUCE – LUX in 2005 inaugurated the new plant of over 20,000 square meters, with 3 ovens in a continuous cycle, able to blend up to 20 tons of glass every days. Aton Luce – Lux, thanks to a team of diverse skills and complementary to each other, is able to generate the necessary thrust for technological growth continues, looking to the balance between innovation, quality, quantity and price, as a driving force of all activities . This continuous evolution allowed to roam in the production of various types of products, from mosaic coverings to vials for perfume, from complements for the illumination to those for table, always ensuring excellent quality Italian at costs typically industrial.

mosaic, ancient art and modern technology

Large investments and know-how have allowed Aton Luce Lux to become a major producer of mosaics of colored glass paste. Original shapes and eye-catching, exclusive colors and customizable with pantone reference, make mosaic Aton Luce – Lux a gem of technology and Italian design.