Ideas that come to life and color on the glass

All processes are managed in the company . From the development of the mold of the tile packaging it is followed technologically and meticulously cared for by the operators of the various departments and the Quality Control .

The entire production process , raw materials , design , manufacturing and packaging is strictly and totally made ​​in Italy .


Any design requirements will be examined thoroughly by our technical staff – trade with the specific task of interpreting the most of your requests . We will look at your ideas and we will provide real-time feedback in terms of feasibility .

With the help of appropriate software will in degrees to show a preview of the final result of the project , from which we start , along with external technical , to create the molds suitable for such production.

Our color range consists of over 30 shades in opal glass paste and about 20 shades in glass paste trasparente.Oltre the wide range of colors , we can create special effects and custom

  • Development Tile Mosaic
  • Graphic Processing
  • Color Proofing

With three furnaces in a continuous cycle capable of melting up to 20 tonnes per day . Our production combines the precision and technology of the plot to craftsmanship and the dexterity of man . This allows to have start-up times of narrow and have a well-defined input on product quality .


Like the other phases , the entire branch of packaging the product is cured in place by the mechanical part to manual . The pride of this department are important figures craft that , in collaboration with specialized machinery and their expert manulalità , pack the highest quality products . We have developed a technique of assembly , on the network or plastic wrap custom , which can be used on all of our mosaics production .

Inventory, Warehouse , Logistics

Storage area which houses the stocks for the requirements of production ; able to respond in real time to each request . Product packaging and logistics are internal . This allows us to meet real-time needs of the customer in the overall cycle from order to delivery and provide a product with “key in hand ” .